Production planning, supply and demand

Production planning, supply and demand

Production planning, supply and demand

Schedule transport

Prepare delivery schedule for processing the delivery of freight
Decide on the routing, taking into account safety, cost and geography
Select the type of vehicle/vessel
Assess safety and security of the load against inter alia climate conditions
Load transport efficiently and effectively
Decide on effective communication systems
Allocate internal resources and appoint additional resources

Control production and resource scheduling and planning in a manufacturing environment

Control the sourcing of material
Plan production line manning levels
Plan machine changeovers and maintenance
Compile production reports

Demonstrate understanding of warehouse manufacturing and inventory assembly

Receive material and transact receipt
Route received material to designated storage area and store / warehouse
Pick and supply material
Audit inventory accuracy
Apply reverse logistics

Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of manufacturing and assembly logistics planning

Demonstrate an understanding of the interfaces and interactions of a manufacturing and assembly strategic business plan
Identify critical issues relating to strategic planning
Demonstrate an understanding of the Master Production Plan / Schedule as an output of the Strategic /   Business plan
Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of the customer in the business process chain (internal and external)

Determine manufacturing and assembly material requirements

Identify the inputs into Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Calculate basic material requirements
Discuss and explain the material requirements planning and inventory processes
Demonstrate an understanding of inventory in raw material, Work in Progress (WIP) and finished goods and the measurement of the effectiveness thereof

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