pre-customised courses – Client Specific

pre-customised courses – Client Specific

Basic PC Concepts / Microsoft Windows 7
Business Writing Skills
Clean bathrooms and toilets
Count stock for a stock-take
Define the core concepts of the wholesale and retail environment
Display stock
Effective Leadership
Effective Listening Skills
Emotional Intelligence
Entrepreneurship: Business Management
Entrepreneurship: Business Performance: Workshop Only
Entrepreneurship: Business plans
Entrepreneurship: Cost and price a product
Entrepreneurship: Demonstrate entrepreneurial competence
Entrepreneurship: Getting Started
Entrepreneurship: How to get Funding: Workshop Only
Entrepreneurship: Interpret basic financial statements
Entrepreneurship: Manage finances of a new venture
Erect and dismantle scaffolding
Follow food safety practices
Formulate and implement an action plan to improve productivity within an organisational unit
Foster and maintain customer relations
Handle and resolve conflict HIRA and Incident Investigation
HIV and Aids in the workplace
Housekeeping Practices
Inappropriate behaviours in the workplace
Individual’s Role In Business
Industrial Relations: Conduct a disciplinary hearing
Industrial Relations: Disciplinary Action
Industrial Relations: Shopfloor
Manage inventory
Microsoft Excel 2010
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Microsoft Word 2010
Monitor the application of safety, health and environmental protection procedures
Performance Management
Personal Hygiene
Problem Solving Skills
Process payment at point of sales
Project Management: Corrective Actions
Project Management: Cost Budgets
Project Management: Document Management
Project Management: Procurement
Project Management: Team Member
Report Writing
SHEQ Adviser for Management
SHEQ Awareness
SHEQ Compliance Investigator
SHEQ Induction for New Entrants
SHEQ Representative
SHEQ Safety Officer
SHEQ Supervisor
Stress Management
Team dynamics: Building Teams
Team dynamics: Conflict Management
Team dynamics: Diversity in the work environment
Team dynamics: Facilitate group work
Team dynamics: Group Work
Team dynamics: Identify Team Records
Team dynamics: Individual vs. Team Performance
Team dynamics: Induct into Team
Team dynamics: Lead a Team
Team dynamics: Maintain Team Records
Team dynamics: Measure Effectiveness of Performance
Team dynamics: Structured Meeting
Team dynamics: Supervisors
Time Management  

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