Personal management

Personal management

Personal management

Managing self-development

Identify the skills and knowledge required for the development of his/her career path
Make and update his/her personal plans for developing skills
Prioritise goals and objectives
Select mechanisms for pursuing feedback
Source, select and utilise the requisite resources
Identify ways to minimise digressions or obstacles

Identify causes of stress and techniques to manage it in the workplace

Explain stress and its role in daily living
Explain different ways in which people react to stress
Identify stressors in the workplace
Identify stressors related to home and the greater environment
Investigate techniques to manage stress in the workplace

Manage time productively

Identify, explain and describe the purpose and process of scheduling activities in own business
Organise and prepare business activities and estimate their duration
Develop strategies to deal with interruptions
Develop an effective business schedule

Demonstrate the application of performance management

Monitor own performance
Reflect on own performance
Improve own performance
Follow-up on own development

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