Imminent Retrenchments – Re-Skilling

Imminent Retrenchments – Re-Skilling


This is indeed a sad time in any person’s life, but it is also a time to take control of the situation and act on it. If you want to secure another position to provide for your family you need to act on the prospect to take part in the re-skilling process.

ASORIP made the following suggestion to one of the larger unions and people within the HRD department of targeted mines with regards to assistance in the re-skilling process. If you are interested to take part in one of these programmes, please contact our office A.S.A.P.

Some of our staff members were involved with the Kumba Group since 2010 in various fields consisting out of the following:

*SLP Training (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)
*Training Centre Accreditation and Extension of Scope
*Development of Training Staff (Assessor, Moderator & Facilitator)
*General Staff Development *Compilation and submission of the Workplace Skills Plan (2010, 2011)
*Section 54 (2012)

Since most of our staff developed a personal relationship over the years with the staff of Kolomela / Sishen / Assmang mines as well as with the contractors working at these mines, we would like to extend our hand in this time of uncertainty.

We received the mandate of our current employer (ASORIP) to give the staff affected by the retrenchments the prospect to do one of the following via distance learning for the price of R10 000 per learner:

Qual ID Qual Title   NQF Min Credits
50334 NC: OD ETDP 05 120
23253 NC (GETC): Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Activities 01 124
58781 NC: Production Technology 02 125
58785 NC: Production Technology 03 120
58779 FETC: Production Technology 04 143
48915 FETC: Manufacturing and Assembly Operations Supervision 04 150
64289 FETC: Automotive Sales and Support Services 04 147

Normal cost for the above are between R 20 946 and R 26 182.
We also have a variety of skills programmes available to be combined for the re-skilling of the staff if they would prefer that.

I would like to give you a bit more information about our methodology. Please remember that the price of R10 000, for all the above listed are only for the distance learning method. That being said, I had a conversation with our GM just now.
I am very excited to announce that he authorised on-site (in Postmasburg) face to face interventions for the price of the distance learning! Please remember that if you decide to ask the mine for on-site face to face interventions that they will still be responsible for additional allowances towards costs for the facilitator/s.

You are also welcome to join us in Mossel Bay… if you feel like visiting.

All our qualifications are clustered into “short courses”. The learner needs to submit a PoE for each short course. After successful completion of all short courses a provider certificate will be issued, after SETA verification they will issue the SoR.

Example of clustered short courses:
National Certificate: OD ETDP (ODETDP NQF L 5)

Short Course Days  CR  NQF
1 Advanced Training Evaluation 4 20 5
2 Assessment Designer 3 10 6
3 Assessor 3 15 5
4 Communication Studies and Language – Fundamentals 3 10 5
5 Design Learning Programmes 5 36 5
6 Moderator 2 10 6
7 RPL Advisor 3 11 5
8 Verification of ETDP Programmes and Providers 3 9 6

Please see our full scope. Also have a look at our website at quotation process to understand our process of “clustering” unit standards to address your specific need.

As previously mentioned we will assist where ever we can to help these men and women.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information.

Kind regards,


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