Human Resource Management and Labour Relations

Human Resource Management and Labour Relations

Human Resource Management and Labour Relations


The competent learner will demonstrate an appreciation of the human resource function and its invaluable role in the organization and show linkages with other resources – capital, equipment, management and materials

The qualifying learner is capably of:

    • Describe various organisational structures and discuss their respective merits and demerits.
    • Explain the human resource planning process
    • Describe job analysis and job design processes and techniques
    • Demonstrate an understanding of recruitment, selection, placement and induction processes
    • Demonstrate an understanding of performance management issues and techniques
    • Discuss the need for career management in an organisation.
    • Describe how wages and salaries are determined.
    • Demonstrate a clear understanding of health and safety issues in the work environment.

The competent learner can demonstrate a clear understanding of the theories and practice relating to the human resource in organisations.

The qualifying learner is capably of:

    • Demonstrate a sound appreciation of organisational and functional relationships in an organisation
    • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the writings and theories of pioneers in behavioural science to modern thinking in the management of people at work.
    • Discuss the communication process in organisations
    • Demonstrate an understanding of theories of leadership
    • Evaluate various theories of leadership in order to apply them to practical day-to-day working in an organisation.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the need for and importance of staff development and training.
    • Demonstrate a clear understanding of equity issues in the work place


Depending on the curriculum selected, students should be aware that adequate language and numeracy skills are necessary for coping with the demands of the curriculum.

Apart from the formal requirements, learners who register for entry into this qualification at level 5 should

    • Have the information-gathering, analysis and presentation skills required at exit level 4 on the NQF
    • Be able to comprehend what they have learned and to communicate it reliably, accurately, and comprehensively in the required medium of instruction
    • Be able to begin to take responsibility for their own learning and its progress within a well-structured and managed learning environment
    • Be able to evaluate their own performance


 6 Days


This is a non unit standard based skills programme


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