Communication Studies and Language 12

Communication Studies and Language 12

Communication Studies and Language

Interpret and use information from texts

Use a range of reading and/or viewing strategies to understand the literal meaning of specific texts. Use strategies for extracting implicit messages in texts. Respond to selected texts in a manner appropriate to the context. Explore and explain how language structures and features may influence a reader/viewer.

Write/present/sign texts for a range of communicative contexts

Write/sign for a specified audience and purpose. Use language structures and features to produce coherent and cohesive texts for a wide range of contexts. Draft own writing/signing and edit to improve clarity and correctness.

Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes

Access and use available learning resources. Use learning strategies Manage occupational learning materials Conduct basic research and analyse and present findings. Function in a team. Reflect on how characteristics of the workplace and occupational context affect learning.  

Accommodate audience and context needs in oral/signed communication

Interact successfully in oral/signed communication. Use strategies that capture and retain the interest of an audience. Identify and respond to manipulative use of language.

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