About Our Business

About Our Business

ASORIP – Leaders in Training and Business Development

ASORIP aims to successfully implement skills development strategies in order to create a powerful workforce which will propel economic growth. To facilitate South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) legislation.


ASORIP aims to provide the skills required to create a powerful workforce which will propel economic growth for our clients, our community, and our partners. We will achieve our objectives by providing our clients with superior training facilitated by efficient, dedicated and experienced facilitators. Our interactions will be based on Kingdom principles that include integrity, honesty,  respect and transparency.


ASORIP will conduct quality services consistently. We will perform tasks with diligence, passion and dedication. Optimal performance will ensure superior service to our clients. We will develop a profitable business while ensuring that we always keep our clients’ best interests at heart and create win-win situations wherever possible. Professional conduct means that we will treat one another with courtesy, dignity and respect. We will continue to offer community development projects through skills programmes. By tapping into the diversity of our team, we will maximize our collective potential in order to provide the best services in the field of Education and Training. Additional services are geared towards specific requirements of our clients and include the organisation and implementation of skills development, project management, and consulting. We will specialize in development of learning programmes and accreditation. Training courses are SAQA accredited.


At ASORIP, we believe in working with individuals and businesses in our extended community to achieve greater levels of productivity through the delivery of high quality education and training. We combine the values that we stand for and our experience as a team to advance the economy in the community and in the country as a whole. Knowledge empowers people to uplift communities and that’s why ASORIP use their training and experience to impart knowledge using the most effective strategies possible. With ASORIP you can rely on more than 30 years of collective experience in the fields of Finance, Accounting, Training and Education. Our business philosophy is based on integrity, respect, honesty and transparency.

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