Written Business Communication

Written Business Communication



The purpose of the unit standard requires learners to follow a process in writing texts and reports required in business. It is intended to promote clear, unambiguous communication in plain language and to improve the quality of written reports and other texts that are specific to a business environment, require a particular format and may include specified legislated requirements.

This unit standard introduces both cognitive and affective dimensions of reading comprehension skills that enable learners to interrogate a technical text in order to maximise understanding and to acquire the skills needed to extract relevant information from texts used in a business environment. It enables learners to identify textual features specific to texts in a business environment including legal documents.

The qualifying learner is capable of:

    • Analysing, synthesising and organising information explicitly stated in a text
    • Drafting and editing a technical text
    • Identifying and responding to textual features specific to texts
    • Identifying the intended audience for the communication
    • Making an evaluative judgment by comparing ideas presented in a text with external criteria from other written or oral sources and own experience and knowledge of the business sector
    • Organising and structuring a technical text appropriately
    • Recalling from memory ideas and information explicitly stated in a text
    • Recognising errors and checking for accuracy
    • Recognising information explicitly stated in a text
    • Selecting the appropriate text type, format and layout for the purpose
    • Using appropriate grammar conventions
    •  Using information explicitly stated in a text as well as his/her industry or sector knowledge, intuition and personal experience as a basis for conjectures and hypotheses
    •  Using plain language in business
    •  Using textual features and conventions specific to texts


It is assumed that people starting to learn towards this standard are able to:

    •  Communication at NQF level 3


3 Days


12153    Use the writing process to compose texts required in the business environment    NQF 4   5 credits

12155    Apply comprehension skills to engage written texts in a business environment    NQF 4   5 credits


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