Training and learning techniques in the workplace

Training and learning techniques in the workplace

Training and learning techniques in the workplace 

Conduct on-the-job coaching

Describe the basic principles of training
Explain the importance of questioning techniques and give examples of questions
Distinguish the concepts of coaching and training from each other
Describe alternative arrangements for coaching
Identify the need for coaching through discussions with the person to be coached
Arrange a specific time and place for the coaching session, and prepare for it
Communicate theory and knowledge associated with the coaching session
Complete the coaching session
Give honest feedback and encourage the learner to ask questions
Monitor the ongoing progress and give ongoing feedback in the workplace
Identify possible problems that may occur in relation to coaching
Develop a plan for individual coaching, taking the needs of the team into account

Plan learning events

Decide on the content of the learning event
Formulate the outcomes to be achieved in the learning event
Develop a series of activities
Create, select and adapt learner support materials or equipment for each activity
Revise the activities if necessary
Develop or adapt assessment activities
Evaluate the learning event plan and materials
Record the learning event plan

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