Team dynamics

Team dynamics

Team dynamics

Build teams to meet set goals and objectives

Demonstrate knowledge of the principles and processes of team building in workplace activities
Obtain agreement from team members on objectives timeframes, rules and guidelines for participation
Lead team to complete workplace activities

Monitor team members and measure effectiveness of performance

Establish performance standards and monitoring systems
Prepare for performance review of team member
Conduct performance review interview  

Manage individual and team performance

Set performance goals and measures
Formulate development plans
Monitor and evaluate performance

Participate in management of conflict

Identify and describe existing and potential conflict situations
Participate in a conflict resolution / management process
Evaluate conflict resolution / management process
Monitor and respond to conflict resolution / management process

Empower team members through recognising strengths, encouraging participation in decision making and delegating tasks

Recognise team member performance
Encourage participation in decision-making
Delegate tasks
Review decisions and performance of delegated tasks

Work as a project team member

Demonstrate an understanding of working as a member of a team
Collaborate with other team members to improve performance
Participate in building relations between team members and other stakeholders
Respect personal, ethical, religious and cultural differences to enhance interaction between team members
Use a variety of strategies to deal with potential or actual conflict in a project team

Induct a member into a team

Prepare to receive a member into a team
Introduce the new member of the team
Explain how the performance of a team is monitored

Maintain records for a team

Explain why organisations record and keep information
Identify and describe the type of records used to manage the team
Record and report team performance against team output 

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