Student Results

Student Results

The Copyright in all ASORIP course material is an important asset and constitutes intellectual property, and as such it is a criminal offence to copy our material. The Management Team has therefore decided that as from the 1st June 2013 no portfolios will be send back to learners and that all results will only be made available on the website.

The reasons for implementing these measures where:
* Sadly, we have encountered breach of copyright where some errant learners have handed over our material to other Providers that were so sloppy they even reproduced course material without erasing our name and/or logo. They also, then, distribute this material as their own. This is indeed sad as we always prided ourselves on leaving a referenceable portfolio with our learners that they could have used over and over.

* We also have been participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) since 2013 as we increasingly became engaged in terms of sustainability reporting and socially responsible business operations. Every year more understanding of our carbon footprint and the impacts that climate change could have on our business has been achieved. And it is becoming significantly more important, as the proposed carbon tax approaches (in 2017) as well as the proposed carbon budgeting system. We as suppliers are also required to disclose our “Carbon” usage.

Certificates and Statement of Results will be visible when searching for your results using your Identity Number. Through the use of your Identity Number we applied an additional security measure so as to protect you.

We hope this website is a useful resource for you as you navigate to find your results. Please allow ten days for uploads.


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