Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices

Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices

Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices

50334 NC: Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices NQF 5 Cr – 120

Electives Compulsory    
Assessment Designer
∟    Design and develop outcomes-based assessments

Design Learning Programmes
∟    Design outcomes-based learning programmes
∟    Develop outcomes-based learning programmes

∟    Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments

Recognition of Prior Learning Advisor
∟    Demonstrate understanding of the concept of human rights and democracy and its application in society

Skills Development Facilitator
∟    Conduct an analysis to determine outcomes of learning for skills development and other purposes
∟    Conduct skills development administration in an organisation
∟    Coordinate planned skills development interventions in an organisation
∟    Develop an organisational training and development plan

Verification of ETDP Programmes and Providers
∟    Evaluate and promote education training and development (ETD) providers, services and products for organisational use
∟    Promote a learning culture in an organisation

*Additional Options (Not part of this Qualification)
Skills Development Facilitator
∟    *Advise on the establishment and implementation of a quality management system for skills development practices in an organisation

Train the Trainer
∟    *Facilitate a programme of learning
∟    *Facilitate the preparation and presentation of evidence for assessment
∟    *Plan a learning event

Advanced Training Evaluation
∟    Evaluate a learning intervention using given evaluation instruments
∟    Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies

∟    Conduct outcomes-based assessment

Design Learning Programmes  
∟    Define target audience profiles and skills gaps
∟    Demonstrate understanding of the outcomes-based education and training approach within the context of a National Qualifications Framework

Recognition of Prior Learning Advisor
∟    Assist and support learners to manage their learning experiences
∟    Guide learners about their learning, assessment and recognition opportunities

Verification of ETDP Programmes and Providers
∟    Provide information and advice regarding skills development and related issues

Life Skills

∟    Communication Studies and Language

What will you be able to do?    
1. Communicate in a variety of ETD settings.
2. Design and develop learning programmes and processes.
3. Facilitate and evaluate learning.
4. Engage in and promote assessment practices.
5. Provide learning support to learners and organisations.
6. Conduct skills development facilitation.

Who uses this?    
Assessors Learner and learning supporters Learning facilitators Skills Development Facilitators This qualification is for those who want to build on a FETC in any field to enter the field of ODETD as a potential career, and have little or no previous exposure to ETD. The qualification will also be valuable for those who may have been practising within the field, but without formal recognition. This qualification will provide practitioners with the general ETD skills required at NQF level 5 across five key ETD roles, with the opportunity to specialise further in one of the following four roles: Design and conduct assessments Design and develop learning interventions Facilitate learning Facilitate skills development

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