Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences

Show, explain, discuss and analyse the relationship between society and natural environment

Show how the earth is a life-sustaining system comprised of diverse and inter-related.
Demonstrate an awareness of attitudes, values and perceptions regarding the environment.
Explain the impact of human activity on the environment.
Discuss and explain the impact of natural events on human beings.
Analyse the relationship between natural environment and human activities.

Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of science

Describe the various fields of natural sciences.
Describe the nature of scientific knowledge
Explain how different perspectives and world-views may influence the development of science
Describe the processes and attitudes necessary for scientific investigation.
Illustrate the significance of science in everyday life.

Conduct an investigation in the natural science

Formulate a scientific hypothesis
Devise a plan to implement a procedure to investigate phenomena.
Implement a plan to investigate a phenomenon or a problem.
Gather and interpret data.

Apply basic concepts and principles in the natural sciences

Define concepts and principles in the natural sciences.
Demonstrate a concept or principle in natural science.
Interpret scientific evidence to build up the concept or principle.
Apply knowledge and skills in order to explain phenomena.

Assess the impact of scientific innovation on quality of life

Explain the application of scientific principles in technological developments.
Determine the impact of technology on the quality of life.
Discuss how science and technology has affected economic development.
Discuss how indigenous technology contributes to society.

Discuss development, utilisation and management of human and natural resources 

Show an understanding of human and natural resources.
Discuss the development of resources.
Discuss the utilisation of resources.
Discuss the management of resources.

Read, interpret and understand information on a payslip

Identify and explain the income and the work-related and personal deductions
Explain any other information that appears on the payslip
Verify payslip calculations
Describe how to obtain help if a mistake is suspected
Discuss the concept of confidentiality with regard to payslip information

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