Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Activities

Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Activities

Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Activities

23253 NC(GETC): Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Activities NQF 1 Cr – 124

Life Skills
∟    Mathematical Literacy and Numeracy

Information Technology
∟    Information Technology
∟    Keyboard Skills

Life Skills
∟    Economic Management Science
∟    HIV and Aids in the workplace
∟    Introduction to the world of work
∟    Learning Pathways within NQF

Production Processes
∟    Production Processes

Safety and Quality Induction
∟    Introduction to hand and measuring tools and tasks
∟    Safety in the workplace
∟    The impact of materials on the environment

Life Skills
∟    Communication Studies and Language
∟    Mathematical Literacy and Numeracy
∟    Natural Sciences

What will you be able to do?    
1.    Describe and explain a specific manufacturing, engineering or assembly process, relate the tools and materials to the process and explain the science and technology which underpins the conversion processes.
2.    Demonstrate in the process of assessment the use of appropriate numeracy and communication skills.
3.    Describe and explain, in the context of a specific workplace environment, the procedures and policies which govern that specific working environment.
4.    Describe and explain the purpose of a specific business.
5.    Describe and explain how the NQF enables the learner to select a learning path and identify the skills and qualifications that will enable him/her to achieve his/her goals and targets.

Who uses this?
Many technical and occupational qualifications in engineering and manufacturing at NQF Level 2 assume some learning at NQF Level 1. This qualification formalises those assumptions. In doing so, it provides a range of qualifying learners with access to further learning at NQF Levels 2 and beyond in the fields of manufacturing, engineering and assembly.


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