Manufacturing and Assembly Operations Supervision

Manufacturing and Assembly Operations Supervision

Manufacturing and Assembly Operations Supervision

48915 FETC: Manufacturing and Assembly Operations Supervision NQF 4 Cr – 150

∟    Conduct explosives performance testing and interpret results
∟    Conduct explosives environmental testing and interpret the results  

Finance and Insurance
∟    Basic financial statements

Human Resources
∟    Conduct a disciplinary hearing
∟    Employ a systematic approach to achieving objectives
∟    Institute disciplinary action
∟    Team dynamics
∟    Training and learning techniques in the workplace

Operations Optimisation
∟    Solve problems, make decisions and implement solutions
∟    Workplace Assessment

Production Processes
∟    Anticipate and troubleshoot machine functioning  
∟    Set up production machines

Safety and Quality Induction
∟    Safety in the workplace

Human Resources
∟    Meetings
∟    Supervision and leadership in the workplace
∟    Team dynamics

Logistics and Planning
∟    Demonstrate an understanding of manufacturing, principles, methodologies and processes
∟    Production planning, supply and demand

Safety and Quality Induction
∟    Quality Management
∟    Understanding ethical business processes

Life Skills
∟    Communication Studies and Language
∟    Mathematical Literacy and Numeracy

What will you be able to do?    
1.    Interpret and use knowledge regarding manufacturing, safety and quality control principles and practices
2.    Organise and lead a work team to ensure achievable objectives
3.    Organise and control production scheduling and planning in a manufacturing plant
4.    Implement performance management tools to optimise individual and team functioning in the place of work.

Who uses this? 
Production Manager

Manufacturing Operations Manager
Performance analysis
Electrical and electronic equipment assemblers
Electromechanical equipment assemblers
Engine and other machine assemblers
Aircraft structure, surfaces, rigging, and systems assemblers
Ammunition Assembler
Eyeglass Frame Assembler
Furniture Finisher Wood
Jewellery Assembler
Knife Assembler
Leather Products Assembler
Light Coil Winder (merSETA)
Quality Controller of Assembly Workers

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